Auto Pass Leaves No Effect on Admission

Auto Pass Leaves no effect on Admission test this year, confirmed the ministry of Education. There was a lot of confusion regarding this auto pass. Each and every student and guardian were tensed about the decision as to the evenness of the result. It is of course a matter of great tension because there are students who prepared well for the examination. And unfortunately, some don’t have good results in the previous examinations. Nonetheless, it does not ensure that they are worthy of receiving worse results.

AUTO Pass: Effects On Admission Test

HSC result however is not the fact. But the main fact is whether or not its effects on the upcoming admission tests. Now questions arise as to whether the result does any harm to those who did not well in the previous examinations. It is of course a precious question. On answering questions of such sorts an official of result committee confirmed that this result will carry no effect on the upcoming admission tests.

Auto Pass Leaves no Impact
In other words, students will get even judgment in the forthcoming admission tests. As results play a crucial role in the admission tests, students must obtain a good result in order to cut a good mark. As a result, they can have a good position in the admission tests. If a student wants to get his preferred subjects in the admission test, he will have no alternative to cut good marks in the admission tests.

Auto Pass: What is the Evaluation System

Almost a week back, the education Minister Dipu Moni said that there will be no HSC exam this year. Then she stated the system of evaluation. A student would be judged according to his/her previous examinations, namely, SSC and JSC. Since then, there was a lot of clamor around the decision. Much of the clamor is regarding the admission test.
There is hardly any university in Bangladesh now which does not do marking on results. If that is the case, many students will find themselves in trouble. As I have said earlier, previous examination can never be the base for the result. But Education Ministry had to compromise because of the ongoing situation.

NO Marking on result in Admission

No students will be in backward position regarding the system based on which the authority published the result. There will be no marking on the results in the admission tests. Therefore they will not have any collapse in the admission test. The authority will evaluate every students by only his performance in the admission tests.

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As a consequence, this result system would carry no impact on the forthcoming admission tests. Students need not worry much in this respect. They can now feel at home and ready to go for the next stage!

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