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45th BCS Preliminary Result is going to be out in the Current week of JUNE 2023.  After the BCS preliminary examination 45th on 19th March 2021, BPSC Exam controller wanted to publish 45th BCS preliminary result within two month. Moreover, the exam controller talked about BCS preliminary exam result in the previous month. BPSC wants to publish 45th BCS preliminary result 2021 in this month.

45th BCS Preliminary Result 2023

According to the talks last month, BPSC is going to publish 45 BCS preliminary result in JUNE 2023. But BPSC did not exactly pointed out when they are going to publish 45 BCS result 2023. So far as we can assume BPSC will give 45 BCS preliminary result between 10-15th of JUNE.


45th BCS Preliminary Result 2023

Whenever the result may be published will be readily available in our website. We cannot say the exact date of result publication. Because, PSC dis not talk about the certain date of result. Therefore we may hope that BPSC will publish the 45th BCS preliminary result in this running month. 

45th BCS Result 2021

BPSC is the only authority which will talk about BCS exam procedures. BPSC did not give us sufficient information about 45 BCS result. Though we are uncertain about BCS result, we can say that 45th BCS result is coming in no time. Let us hope that BPSC will publish 45 BCS preliminary result 2023. 

45th BCS Preliminary Result  

According to the promise BPSC chairman made after the preliminary exam that BPSC will publish 45th BCS preliminary result within 3 weeks, we can say it is already late. BPSC should immediately bring out 45 BCS exam result. There are many students who are unsure about their marks and therefore their preparation.

45th BCS preliminary Result

45th BCS Preli Result 2023

Everybody knows that this 45th BCS is much delayed exam. After at least a year delay, BPSC gave 45 BCS preliminary test. Now it is taking time to publish 45 BCS preliminary result. If this trend goes on BPSC cannot be able to finish 45th BCS before 3 years. 

45 BCS Preli Result 23 

It is not right to lay all the blame on BPSC. Because BPSC wanted to publish 45 BCS result. As a matter of fact, it is one of the sincerest organization in the country. But its regular proceedings have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. PSC publishes the exam date on time. But it cannot execute the plan. 

BPSC BCS Exam Result 

BPSC wanted to took 45 BCS preliminary in the beginning of the previous year. But Coronavirus got the upper hand in Bangladesh. Therefore it could not give the 45 BCS test. After more than a yea delay, 45 BCS was held on March 2023. However, this 45th BCS result is being delayed. We do not know by when we will get 45 preliminary exam result. 

BPSC Gov BD Result   

BPSC is a constitution recognized organization. It maintains all the rules of employing apt candidates. BPSC is fair to select BCS candidates. BCS exam process is usually delayed in this country. But this 45 BCS is unduly late. The catalyst of this delay is corona virus. 

45th BCS Result Publish Date 

The Government of Bangladesh is imposing shutdown time and again on government and non-government institutions due to the sudden increase of the pandemic. BPSC therefore cannot execute its regular plan. Therefore, we may have a more belated 45 BCS result. However, we will give you the result as soon as BPSC publishes it. By now, we cannot say about the the date of publication of the 45 BCS result.

Preliminary Exam Cut Marks   

I myself am a 41 BCS candidate. Therefore I have a first hand experience to taking the examination. After giving the exam, it seems that the 45 BCS question was neither easy nor so hard. A candidate who prepared a bit well could have done well in the test. However, cut mark is not specific. It usually depends on how many BCS candidates BPSC wants to select for BCS written test. 

কাট মার্কস কত হবে ইগজ্যাকটলি?  

106 হবে এবারের কাট মার্কস । কিভাবে? I do not want to go to any controversy regarding this. After giving the examination I felt that there are only 20,000 students who may secure 100-110 marks. Therefore, let us not be exaggerative. Cut marks should be in between 100-110. It will not go otherwise.     

45th BCS Result Sheet PDF   

Let us now end up this post. But before ending this post we want to say you something about the BCS Result. You can see the result from the official website. But if you fail to watch the result from BPSC official site, you can download the result from here. We are giving the PDF result sheet below. See and download 45 BCS preliminary result sheet PDF. 

   Click here to download 45 BCS Preliminary result PDF            

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