Class 8 English Answer 8th Week Assignment

Class 8 English Answer 8th Week maintaining standard English assignment answer 2021 is given here in this post. In response to DSHE assignment 8th week syllabus, we are giving here 8th week English answer for class 8. This is a particular post for class 8 students. We have given in this post class 8 English assignment answer. This is a 100% precise English answer.

Class 8 English Answer 8th Week

Just 3 or 4 days back, DSHE published 8th week assignment syllabus. Immediately after DSHE publishes 8th week assignment syllabus, we have uploaded the 8th week assignment syllabus in our website. But we admit that we are delaying 8th week assignment answer. But we assure you that we are not going to delay 8th week assignment answer. 

Class 8 English Assignment   

We have been active during the previous week assignment. But we are sorry that we cannot post 8th week assignment earlier than expected. However, this belated assignment is not going to be long. Class 8 students will get 8th week English assignment answer within no time. Let us see now class 8 English assignment

Class 8 English Questions 8th Week 

Before we tell you anything more, we want to give you 8th week English assignment questions. Class 8 English assignment contains some particular questions. The questions are in the following. As for 8th week English assignment. DSHE has selected:

Lesson 1: Good Food

Lesson 2: Kind of Food   

Chapter 3 : Our daily diet

Lesson 4: A delicious dish 

Lesson 4: A little plant 

English Topic class 8 

We have known to class 8 8th week English assignment lessons. Now it is better for us to know the topic of class 8 English assignment 8th week. After knowing the 8th week English assignment topic, we will go to 8th week English assignment answer. 

Think about one of your favorite dishes. Talk to one of your family members who knows cooking and note it down. Then prepare the dish. Now narrate how you have prepared the dish.    

Class 8 English Answer 8th Week

Class 8 English Assignment Answer 

We have seen in detail class 8 English assignment questions. Earlier in the previous year, we prepared an English assignment on Dish Making. Therefore, we will add that assignment here as well. I think both the assignment is identical. You can replace the assignment with the previous one. Now let us give you those English assignment answers. 

Firni Recipe Assignment in English for Class 8 High School

Khichuri Recipe Assignment in English for School

Pudding Recipe Assignment for Class 8 High School

Class 8 English assignment 8th Answer PDF

Those recipe assignment given above is sufficient for this class 8 English assignment 8th week. Nevertheless, we will give you another English assignment answer on this topic. Be sure about our assignment answer. Only our website provides standard assignment answer. Moreover, it imparts knowledge through instructions. Click below to download class 8 English answer 8th week PDF. 

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