Combined Admission Test 2020

Combined Admission Test 2020 or separate admission test is, may be, the frequently asked questions for the last couple of days. There are valid reasons for arising questions of such type in the students’ minds. Besides, the foreheads of the members of the authority are also frowning on this regard.The question arises on the basis of the way the Education Ministry decided to publish the HSC and Alim result this year. 

Combined Admission Tests 2020

The Education Ministry decided not to take HSC exam this year due to various reasons. Among them, the most important reason is the shortage of time told an examination so long as one month. Moreover, there are concerns as to the safety of the examinees. Because, one month-long congregation would help the pandemic spread rapidly in the country. The bridle of corona virus is now considerably in hand. But the authority would not like it to give a chance to spread rapidly again.


Considering all the above-mentioned issues, the ministry has cancelled the examination. They have decided to measure the result on the basis of the previous two examinations, namely, SSC and JSC.

Combined Admission Test 2020

The question are arising about the way the authority is going to evaluate the results. In the mean time, Sotabdi Roy, a HSC exam candidate, appealed against the decision. The ground of his appeal is hundred percent legitimate. Because, one candidate who did badly in those previous examination may prepare himself well for this examination. He may get a very good grade this examination.

Combined Admission Test 2020

So, what will become of students who have more or less the same condition? Now, this becomes an enormous question.

Combined Admission Test 2020 Chances

It becomes now clear that this examination result will bring misfortune to a substantial number of students. How could the authority compensate. Moreover, if the authority had taken the admission tests separately, there would have been the same risk for which the HSC examination has been cancelled.

Again, there will be the same congregation at different universities throughout the country. Therefore, what would be the use of measuring the HSC result in this manner?

These questions arising spontaneously in everybody’s mind perhaps are disturbing the authority as well. Due to corona virus pandemic, the authority could not help publishing the result in this way. That is somehow acceptable. But, considering the loss of the aforementioned students, the authority has to figure something out. What would be the possible solution?

Apart from this, say, one student got a good grade in those previous exams and could not somehow be able to prepare himself well for this year. Despite his bad preparation, he would get a good grade because the evaluation system? What is now the justification for this. The authority has to think about this as well.

Combined Admission Test 2020: A Solution

There are widespread concerns now for the admission tests. Various national dailies already showed their concerns regarding this. But if you think through the proper channel, you may get a solution.

Considering the safety concerns, Combined Admission 2020 can be a solution. How? In that case within a day, the admission test could be given. There would be no concerns regarding public safety. Of course, yet there is a bit concern. But this could be manageable. But in case of giving separate tests, there would be no use of publishing the results in this way.

Combined Admission Test 2020: No Marking on Results

There should be no marking on the combined admission test 2020. a student who deserves a good grade can get a bad result for the system. And he would not qualify in any university for the lack of marks in result section. So, those candidates would be doubly deceived by the systems. Considering this point, the authority should erase all marks on the result section. This can be the compensation. Then the authority can judge every student by merit only.

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Combined Admission Test 2020: What For NU

National University admits their students on the basis of the result only. NU authority cancelled admission test several years before. The same problem exists here. In order to solve this problem, the NU also will have to take part in this combine admission 2020 process so as to nullify the incongruity.

These are the possible solutions I have laid out. Still we have to wait for the decision from the part of the authority. Keep visiting our website in order to get the latest updates regarding the admission test. Have a good luck!

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