Corona Vaccine: When will it Come to the Market?

Corona Vaccine:When will it come to the Market now becomes a hazy spotlight in the world stage. From the beginning of the outbreak of Corona Virus, the scientists, epidemiologists and various other specialists have been working for the formulation of the vaccine which is yet to invent and to be marketed. 

Corona Vaccine Release Date

The whole world is working together to invent the Corona Vaccine. Each country has separate plan and project to go to the final destination. Every country shows the new hopes, but none talks decisively about the marketing of Corona vaccine. There is no definite assurance from any country yet. 

Corona Vaccine

In the run of inventing the vaccine, 11 countries untill now have joined. Among them, Bangladesh has a significant position as well. The Globe Biotech from Bangladesh is representing Bangladesh in this run. 

Corona Vaccine Tests

There are consecutive procedures to prepeare and approve the vaccine. The medical firms are to be more cautious about the preparation of the vaccine to such a desease which is still not very know to the world.  The world health organisation changes their statements time and again about this death- bound Corona virus. Anyway, the are four different stages to follow to approve a Corona Vaccine.

1. Experiment 

Under this stage, the scientists observes closely the virus specimen and try to figure  out its ginome constituents. Ginome directly relates to the functionality of the deadly virus. Scientists all over the world have already skeched the Ginome tests. But still there are problems in this stage because this virus can adapts to every host body. 

As a result, this virus does not have any constant Ginome system. That’s mainly the reason they can’t market the vaccine. Every country is holding optimism but no country has yet brought out the vaccine in the market. 

2. Formation

After a lot of analysis, the vaccine producing institutions endeavours to prepare the Vaccine based on the data accumulated in the experiment stage. They have to produce such a vaccine which can be safely applied to anybody in the world without any condierable side effects. As the virus has the capability of transforming its fanctional entities, it becomes tough to produce any common vaccine for all. 

So the second stage is the formation of the vaccine itself. These first two stages are hugely important. These two are called founadational stages. 

3. Application 

After having finished the preparation or formation stage, we move to application stage. This is also known as trial stage. In trial stage, we get the validity of the former stages. If the vaccine passes the trial stage, it will go for the next stage, namely, approval stage.

4. Approval Stage

Approval stage depends on the Government. After receiving the proofs of the efficacy of the vaccine, the Health ministry will give approval to the vaccine. And then and then only, the companies can market the vaccine worldwide. 

These are the four stages of marketing a vaccine. Considering these stages, the ongoing vaccine has reportedly passed all the stages, as various institutions demands. But the question is Why do they delay when the world badly need the vaccine?

Combined Admission Test 2020

It is supposed that the problem is in the third stage. There are differences in the cases of application. The result is not the same in every cases. 

The USA assured that the country can produce the vaccine by the end of this year. Russia, which claimed to be in the first position in this run, does not give proper information. Even the application stage include the President’s Family. Vladimir Putin’s own daughter underwent the vaccine test. Still they have not yet given the sanction for marketing. 

Other countries such as China, England, Bangladesh showed their hopes of immediate release of the vaccine. But there are not any strong signs of immediate release. We are running in the fog or smog where we can’t say anything for sure.

Corona Vaccine: Postmortem of Corona Virus

It is a virus of an enormous Ribonuclic (RNA) family. By appearance, it looks like a crown or somewhat like a spiked round shaped flower. Whatever the outward constitution may be, it is very strong inwards. Let’s have a glance at the anatomy and classification of the virus. 

Kingdom: Riboviria

Class: Pisoniviricetes

Order: Nidovirales

Family: Coronaviridae

Genus: Alphacoronavirus




Corona Vaccine

Besides, these virus has several species. 

Corona Vaccine: Last Updates

The production of the vaccine is in progress. But we can’t be sure of its release till its its  application would be completed in the world community. But we hope that the process would not take much time more.

Since its first recognition in China, almost one year has been passed. In the meantime, there were several ups and downs in the attack of the pandemic, for example, two months back, in all European And American countries were tormented with the biting of the Corona Virus. 

Corona Vaccine: Religious Angle

In holy scriptures such as the holy Qur’an, there are verses regarding an epidemic. Respected Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) said that an epidemic comes on account of 4 causes.

1. On a community which is filled up with ills, vices, unjust, incongruities, odds etc. When these are taking place beyond the limit of tolerance, an epidemic is imposed on such communities.

2. An epidemic is earning is a particular community. This is because of unbound life styles, food habits, destruction of climates both land and sea climates. 

3. An epidemic is sent to a community which is imbued with abusing of women, illicit extra-marital affair, in short, illicit sexualities and rapes. 

4 Finally, an epidemic is sent to teach people so that they can resolve their faults.

Therefore, we need to learn from the previous mistakes. Anyway, for this pandemic, there are a lot of things to be learnt. we pray for your sound health.

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