Nakshi Kantha Assignment for Class 8 Students

Nakshi Kantha Assignment for class 8 Sample is given here in our website for your convenience. On the decision of taking assignment instead of school examination, we are providing assistance for you. At this time, we are going to write Nakshi Kantha Assignment sample for you. You would not find anybody who does not know Nakshi Kantha. Now we are going to prepare an assignment on Nakshi Kantha. Admittedly, it would not be difficult at all. Let us talk about Nakshi Kantha assignment.

Nakshi Kantha Assignment

The education ministry postponed all examinations in this year. Instead, they are going to take weekly assignment in this year. But as we see in many submitted assignments, they have done some silly mistakes. Therefore we have decided to write a post on improving writing skill and assignment writing skill. The main focus is on the writing skill. We have seen that they could not determine parts of speech even. 2020 Assignment Class 6 7 8 9

However, we will be uploading posts about improving your writing skill. Mostly, the problems are roaming around English assignment. We can help you in this regard. We will be trying for developing your writing skill. However, that is not the topic of our present post. In the present post we are going to show you Kantha Assignment sample. Moreover, we are going to show you why you like Nakshi Kantha.

Nakshi Kantha Assignment Answer 

While making your assignment, you have to be careful about organization. Organization of your ideas is important to write an effective assignment. Besides, the authority has selected topic from your common area. So you have known already a lot of things regarding the topics. Thus, it is not tough to write an effective assignment. Just you have to know some basics.

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At present let us know about Nakshi Kantha Assignment. Dshe authority has given 2 assignments for class 8 students. From the two, Nakshi assignment is one. Now concentrate more on the present post.

Nakshi Kantha Assignment Topics

In the NCTB textbooks, there is a chapter namely A Glimpse on Our Culture. The topic is selected on the basis of that chapter or unit. The main focus of the chapter is to raise love for our own culture. As Nakshi kantha is something very much known to you, you can easily handle the topic. Nevertheless, let us help you doing your assignment. 2020 Assignment Front Page Sample

Why do you Like Nakshi Kantha?

There are several reasons for which you should like Nakshi kanatha. We are going to support this statement by reasons. NCTB text books are much enriched. Moreover, the purpose of the books is to make you a good and learned person. However the unit has the same object. The purpose of this assignment is to make you creative. The authority has given you the topic s on which you can think.

Now let us think on the Nakshi Kantha Assignment. As I said earlier, we have a number of reason for which we should like Nakshi Kantha. The reasons are given in the following:

  1. Nakshi Kantha is one of the oldest forms of art.
  2. The handcraft industry is decline day by day. Nonetheless, this Naksi kanatha represents handcraft industry once.
  3. This is one of the cheap and handy items we have in our house.
  4. The enchanting decoration on the part of the Nakshi Kantha gives us pleasure.
  5. It is easy to sew or make.
  6. We can make embroidery on old clothes.
  7. Most importantly, it takes with itself the sign of our tradition. In short, it is traditional clothes or wearing.
  8. It is a product of handloom as well.
  9. It comes in handy in need
  10.  Indeed, it is a product of Bengali Convention.

So we have been writing about the reasons for which we may like Nakshi Kantha. These reaons will vary from persons to persons. You can give reasons in accordance with your choice.

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Nakshi Kantha Assignment Sample

For your convenience, we have given a sample assignment on the usefulness of Nakshi Kantha. After viewing this sample Nakshi Assignment you can prepare your own. As a result, our effort will receive justice if you can do that. Let us have a look at her assignment sample: 

Nakshi Kantha Assignment


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Assignment PDF Download

You can download the assignment for further use. Thus we have given the link for downloading the Nakshi Kantha Assignment Sample. Have a look at that.


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Best of luck!

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