Padma Bridge English Paragraph SSC 2022

Padma bridge english paragraph ssc 2022

Padma Bridge English Paragraph SSC 2022 is a great topic to learn. The chance of having a question on Padma bridge is very high. Because the best governmental achievement is the build-up of Padma bridge. Therefore, there will be questions as to Padma bridge. The questions may be about writing a paragraph, or a comprehension about Padma bridge. Students may be asked to write a composition about Padma bridge. All are the same. We recommend you know the basic things about Padma bridge

Padma Bridge English Paragraph SSC 2022

There may be any question about Padma bridge. But the chance of writing a paragraph on Padma bridge is very close. May be you do not have to write a composition about Padma bridge. Because there may be compositions regarding “The Recent Advancement of Bangladesh” or may be about “Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman” or any uprising perspectives in Bangladesh. Therefore, Padma bridge may be coming as a paragraph writing. However, you must not surprise if it comes as a composition (Padma Bridge English Paragraph SSC 2022). 

Padma Bridge Paragraph 

Writing a composition is almost alike writing a series of paragraph. Therefore SSC students should not worry if Padma bridge may come as composition. Composition is a series of coherent paragraphs. Therefore you have to gather information about Padma bridge from this post so that you can write a good paragraph or composition on the very Padma bridge. Let us write a paragraph about Padma bridge. 


English Paragraph About Padma Bridge

Padma bridge is a monumental achievement on the part of both the people and government of Bangladesh. In the recent past, Bangladesh has not achieved so great an achievement as the Padma bridge. The greatness of achievement lies beneath the challenges against which the each and every pillar was built up. Bangladesh is a developing country. For a country like Bangladesh, it is always a challenge to formulate and implement a big project such as Padma bridge. The Government of Bangladesh took the challenge before a few years. Now it is such a dream that people of Bangladesh can touch. This was possible due to the concerted efforts of the citizens of Bangladesh. After much talks and disputes, the dream of building the Padma bridge comes true. However, it connects the southern part of Bangladesh to Dhaka. It joins Mawa point in Munsiganj and Zajira point in Shoriatpur. It has 41 spans and 42 pillars. The length of the huge bridge is 6.15 kilometer. Admittedly, it is a colossal achievement of Bangladesh. ( Written By BDEXAMAID Team)

SSC English Paragraph on Podda Bridge

As you see, we have written a paragraph for you. In a paragraph, a topic sentence controls the paragraph. It is the central idea of a paragraph. I have just touched on some ideas regarding the topic. We hope SSC students can elaborate ideas which I have initiated in the paragraph. I request you would collect some more information about Padma bridge so that you can easily elaborate your writing on Padma bridge. Though you already know a lot about Padma bridge, we request you to organize your ideas about Padma bridge.

Padma bridge English paragraph SSC 2022

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