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University Admission Test Kobe Hobe is now a big question. University Grants Commission held a meeting on discussing several issues including the upcoming admission tests. Every vice chancellor showed their unwillingness to open the university. Amid such an uncertain condition it is difficult to guess when the upcoming admission tests would be held. As there is no clear indication about the admission tests, we can not say for sure when the tests would be held. It turns out a uncertain event now.

University Admission Test Kobe Hobe: UGC Info

On Thursday 15th October, UGC held a virtual meeting calling upon the the vice chancellors. They talked about the possiblity of taking the admission test, opening of the campus and so on. In terms of opening the campus, every vice chancellor showed their reluctance. As to the admission tests, they could not come to any solution. The decision regarding the admission test will be taken on the next week. UGC wants to hold a meeting again on Saturday 17th of October. On that day they are to take the decision regarding the admission tests.

On the Thursday meeting, they could not tell how the admission tests will be happened. They don’t kno as well about the process. Amid the Corona Virus pandemic, they do not want to open the university. In that case what will be the system of giving the admission test? We have to wait until tomorrow to get the answer of the above mentioned question. Are they going to give a virtual tests?

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The authority will discuss whether virtual test is feasible in our context. UGC chairman Professor Kazi Shahidullah presided over the meeting. On that meeting, there was discussion regarding the online classes. They discussed the issues of occuring Online classes. There is scarcity in the electronic devices as well.

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University Admission Test Kobe Hobe: discussion on problems

There are a lot of problems regarding the virtual education system. Due to the pandemic, the university authority could not help taking virtual classes. But for the country like us, we have alway complications. Out of 2 Lakh 90 thousand students, a huge number of students do not possess even smartphones. So how could the virtual classes be possible? A total of 43 thousand students do not possess smartphones.

If the education ministry buy the smartphones for the students, it has to spend more than 65 core Taka. University Grants Commission decided to ask the amount of money from Education Ministry. Professor MD Alamgir, a member of UGC told that the universities have two problems of conducting online classes. One is providing data or bandwidth and another is devices.

University Admission : Is Online test possible?

When the university can not conduct online classes securing all the privileges, online tes is impossible there. Moreover, there is reluctance about the reopening of the university. We can’t be sure what is coming next. we have to wait for the decision of the authority.

VCs are against the opening of University

During the present situation, no vice chancellor find it apt to open the university. They are reluctant to risk the safety of the students and the officials. On the meeting Thursday, Vice chancellors from all the universities were present. They all were against the opening of the university.

UGC says that the can let us know about the decision by Saturday. On the meeting, Dhaka University VC Professor MD Akhtaruzzaman, Rajshahi University VC Professor MD Abdus Sobahan along with other vice chancellors were present.

To sum up, UGC held a virtual meeting on Thursday 15/10/2020. But they could not reach any solution regarding the admission test procedures. With a view to finalising that UGC will arrange a meeting on 17/10/2020. Applicants have to wait untill the due date.

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