About Us

A bit about www.bdexamaid.com

A group of ardent workers, with its team-leader, Muhammad Delour Hossain, whose endeavor shapes this enterprise, keeps working hard to facilitate your way of life. With a view to accumulating and spreading news, rapid yet authentic, among you, this site has had its beginning. All of the members working here have long-term experience in journalistic writing and possess analytical power to distinguish fake orientations, of any sort and color.
Our covering areas will include job circulation, academic writings, exam aids, solutions of tests, suggestions and so on.
To just say the least, Muhammad graduated from English Department of Rajshahi University. Under graduation courses, he gave a prodigal portion of his attention to media-based study.
In closing, we would like to ensure that we have a tight-hold determination to work for mass media. We hope that this is going to be a pleasant journey, of course, with your company.

[No further ado; match our words with our deeds]