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4th Week English Assignment for all class has been published just now in the official website of Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. You can download the 4th week English assignment syllabus from our website. But unfortunately you cannot enter into the official website right now. The official website is busy now. There are too many users entering at the same time in dshe.gov,bd. But you need not worry. We have already uploaded the 4th week English Assignment syllabus in our website. At first you need to see the 4th Week English Assignment syllabus along with other subjects. Click down to download 4th week English assignment syllabus. 

Download 4th Week Assignment Syllabus for Class 6 7 8 9  

4th Week English Assignment

We have already got 4th week assignment syllabus at our hand. Now it is our turn to give you assignment solution. As you know we do not delay to provide assignment solution for you. In terms of 1st, 2nd, 3rd week assignment, we have already proved our speech. We have given all assignment syllabus. Before anybody can give you assignment solution, we have given you that. However, at present we are going to give you fourth Week English Assignment answer for class 8.  As for 4th week assignment topics, there are questions from grammar part. And it is not difficult for us to answer any question related to English.

At first we will give you 4th week English assignment answer in this post. Further, we will give you assignment solution of other subjects in separate posts. However let us see what is there in the fourth week assignment syllabus. 

English Assignment Questions 


Before we give you English assignment solution, we would like to describe the questions a little bit. understanding questions is necessary to get good marks. therefore, we are going to explain fourth week assignment questions first. As the former posts, we will give you the answer after making you understand the fourth week assignment questions. Just to remind you, this is 3rd assigned task for English subject. Let us go the fourth Week English Assignment questions.

The 3rd assigned task from English subject is from English grammar part. The title of the lesson is English Grammar and composition Class 8 unit 7. So the 3rd assigned task is from unit 7. Fro that part, there is topic, namely, Changing sentences. Moreover, there is another fourth week English Assignment topic, namely, Paragraph (Descriptive) . Let us see what is the question is about. The 4th week assignment task is in the following:

You need to exercise from the page no 143. You need to chance assertive sentences into interrogative. There is a excerpt before the questions.

Suppose you visited a place last year. Describe the place answering the following questions:

  1. Where did you visit?
  2. Why did you go there?
  3. Who accompanied you?
  4. Did you like the place why/why not?

So you need to answer your assignment by following the instructions. In other words, you need to write a descriptive paragraph. There are categories of paragraphs such as descriptive paragraph, listing paragraph, example paragraph, comparison paragraph and so on. We can write any kind of paragraph. However let us give you fourth Week English Assignment answer. 





4th Week English Assignment

4th Week English Assignment Answer for class 8

We have just received fourth Week English Assignment syllabus just now. And we are going to give you this English assignment of 4th week right now. The assignment answer is given in the following. According to the English assignment, the students have to describe a place they have visited. Moreover, they have to follow the given instructions. Now we are giving you a sample assignment answer. Have a look at that:

Descriptive Paragraph about Visiting A Place          

It is indeed a pleasure to describe about a visiting experience. I, along with my other family members, usually visit a famous place once a year. On that course, I have visited a historical place last year. I visited Mahasthangar last year with my family member. I have heard from my early childhood about the historical charm and significance about Mahasthangar. So, from the very time, I had temptation for visiting that place. In one day last year, my father offered us a visit. So we were to decide where we should go. After having a lot of discussion, I have come up with a plan to go Mahasthangar, Bogura. Then all the family assented to my plan. Afterwards, we set a date for the visit. We set slots of holidays for the visit. We went to Mahasthangar by bus. The bus journey was outstanding indeed. After reaching the place, we amazed at the charm of the place. Of course, I like that place. There are several reasons for that. Among them, the place has an eye-catching beauty. Moreover, We have learned a lot of things from the visit. Admittedly, visiting Mahasthangar was enjoyable.

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class 8 4th

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So, this is all about class 8 English assignment 4th week. If you have any question regarding 4th week English assignment, you can ask us freely.                       


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