Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer & Solution 2021

chemistry assignment class 9 4th week

Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer 4th week 2021  has been uploaded in our website immediately after the publication of 4th week assignment by DSHE. Students of Class 9 are recently working with their chemistry Assignment. According to the assignment syllabus given by DSHE, we have given Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer sample. After viewing this sample Chemistry assignment, you can prepare your own. In our website, we have described in full length about Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer. Read this post carefully from the beginning


Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer

As you all know, the exam authority has postponed all examinations this year. Therefore, they have given weekly assignment as the substitute for final examination. As a result, they can have the chance to evaluate them. However, first week of assignment has already passed. DSHE authority has already published 2nd week Assignments. You can get the assignment syllabus of second week in 2021 Assignment section. You can download the assignment syllabus from our website. But in the present post, we have given Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer & Solution.

Chemistry Assignment Solution

According to the Google search records, we come to know that students all over the country are searching for Chemistry Assignment solutions. That is why we are going to show you a sample chemistry assignment solution. By seeing the solution, you may grow ability to prepare your own assignment too. As a matter of fact, preparing assignment for the first time is not at all easy. Therefore, we have come to help you prepare your assignment effectively. The purpose of this post is purely instructive. Let us see Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer & Solution. 

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Class 9 Chemistry Assignment 2021 Topics

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education published assignment syllabus on the first of November. Immediately after the authority published the syllabus we have given it in our website. You see see the syllabus and assignments plan at 2020 Syllabus. As chemistry subject, the authority has announced several questions for class 9. Let us just cite those questions so that we may give you a sample answer.

class 9 chemistry assignment 4th week


As Chemistry assignment topics the authority has published some topics. The firs week chemistry assignment class 9 includes first three chapters. And, the first chemistry assignment topic is the separation of Salt from sands. The class 9 students have to prepare an assignment on the topics. To put it clearly, the students have to show how to separate salt from the sand in practical way. If we put that in Bangla it goes like this : ( হাতে কলমে লবণ ও বালির মিশ্রণ পৃথক করে দেখতে হবে ). Syllabus 2020 PDF | NCTB Short Syllabus 2020

You have to do it in a scientific way. If you read chemistry text book well, It won’t be difficult for you to show the experiment. Moreover, you do this type of experiment in your laboratory. Nonetheless, we will show you a sample experiment how you would prepare your assignment. Because, it is totally different from doing an experiment to making an assignment. Nevertheless, you can do it in the following way. 

On the experiment, the first Chemistry question is about what methods can be used to do the experiment. Besides, you have to write the procedures of your experiment. This task is no more than doing practical class in the laboratory. However, in Bangla it goes: (এ পরীক্ষার জন্য কী পদ্ধতি ব্যবহার করবে এবং কাজের ধারাবাহিক বর্ণনা করতে হবে ). 

Chemistry Assignment Question Solution

It is not very difficult to prepare assignment on this topics. But before going to prepare your assignment you need to know about the experiment. After that, you can start preparing your assignment following our instructions. Earlier, we have described how you would prepare an effective assignment. For making an effective assignment, we recommend you to see our post related to DSHE Assignments. 

Apart from that, we have showed you how you will design assignment cover page. Further, we have given you assignment front page sample. By showing the assignment sample you can design one for you. But for now, we are doing Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer. You can have a look at the following answer.

Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer Assignment Cover Page Design

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Class 9 Chemistry Assignment PDF

For your convenience, we have uploaded the chemistry assignment class 9 answer PDF. You can download Chemistry Assignment Answer for your offline use. Have a look below to download the Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer PDF file. 

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Effective Assignment Writing for Class 9

When you write your practical notebooks for your examination, you have to do some steps. For example, when you do chemistry practical, you need to know the experiment. For doing an assignment, you have to change the layout of working. First of all, you have to write down the topic name at the top. Then you have to write an introduction what are you going to write. Further, you have to write about the experiment apparatuses you need. After that, you have to write about steps of experiment. In the ending, you have to write your conclusion or statement. That is all.

Have a good luck. For improving your assignment, you can follow our website. Because we are working with high school assignment nowadays. Moreover, we have a long experience of preparing good assignment. So, you have in your hands Chemistry Assignment Class 9 Answer now. 




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