Assignment Class 7 English Math (3RD week) Answer Assignment Class 7 English Math (3RD week) Answer is now available for download. After the publication of 3rd week assignment syllabus, we are solving assignment solution. Already, we have given solution to class 6 7 8 9. Moreover, we have given Class 7 and 6 math solution in separate post. Now, we are going to include all in a single post. In this post we have dealt with Assignment Class 7. Moreover, we solved Ebtedayee and Dakhil all subject assignment solution.  

Download Madrasha Class 7 3rd week Assignment Syllabus Assignment Class 7 3rd Week

According to the assignment syllabus of 3rd week, we have given Assignment Class 7 all subject solution here. In line with the instruction given in the assignment syllabus, we have solved all subjects of Assignment Class 7 3rd week. The third week assignment syllabus was brought out on 12th of November. We have published immediately after the DME or Directorate of Madrasha Education authority has published it in their official website.


You can download the assignment syllabus from the official website. But you cannot do that. As the traffic becomes too much in that website, you have to find a substitute one. Therefore, you can rely on us. You can get assignment syllabus in the following section. Moreover, we are distributing Madrasa Syllabus as well. You can download Ebtedayee and Dakhil syllabus in our official website. You need to go 2020 assignment syllabus section. However, let us now talk about Assignment Class 7 3rd week questions and answer. 2020 Assignment Front Page Sample

Madrasha Class 7 English Assignment Questions

Before we go into assignment solution, let us talk briefly about Assignment Class 7 Assignment 3rd Week English questions. This is the 2nd assigned English tasks. In terms of Class 7 English assignment questions, there is question from unit-6. The name of the unit is Leisure. Under unit 6 there are three lessons. There are lessons 1, 4, 5. The name of the lesson 1 is A Day in Zishan’s Life. And, the name of lesson 4 is Traveling by Train-1. Finally, the title of lesson 5 is Traveling by Train-2. You have to read these chapters from your NCTB textbook. These are the base stories to answer the given task. You need to read before going to prepare your assignment.  

Now let us know about the assignment topic. The topic for Assignment Class 7 assignment 3rd week is given below.

Read the lesson 1 on “A day in Zishan’s life” (page no. 54) and make a daily routine accordingly for your own. Now try to follow your routine completely for the next three days without any gap. After three days, write on your note sheet/exercise book what you have really done for these three days and mention which portion of the routine you could not complete fully with practical reasons.

Assigned Tasks:

 1.Did you have any experience on a journey by train?  • If yes, how was it? Write five/six sentences on it. • If no, which journey did you have and how was it? Write five/six sentences on it. Assignment Class 7

So this is about Assignment Class 7  3rd week English questions. Let us give you the answer now.

Dakhil English Assignment Answer

According to the above mentioned questions, we have given you the answer. We have uploaded the assignment answer in PDF file. You need to download the file from below. It is not difficult indeed. You just have to click on the given link.  

Click here to download Journey Assignment PDF Class 7 3rd week Math Solution

Under math subject, we have 3 chapters in this week. You need to answer 2 questions from the creative part. Moreover, there are 10 short questions. We have given solution to both creative and short questions. Click below to download Assignment Class 7 3rd week math solution PDF.

Click here to download 3rd week math solution class 7 PDF

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