Nobel Committee diminishes Nobel Prize

Nobel Committee are reluctant to endow the prize with no more than three persons at any sector the prize is given. Owing to this distribution system, the contributors whose positions may be at the fourth or fifth are not given with proper dignity which they should have got. 

Martin Ridge, a renowned Astronomer of Britain from 1995 and the former president of Britain Royal Society, claims publicly that it is uttlerly unjust to consider only the first three persons and to neglect their immediate followers. As a matter of fact, competitive prize winning cerimony is blessing to some, dejection to others. Such distribution of prize is really abject. 

One invention or discovery is the outcome come a number of scientists and intellectualists. The way now the Nobel Prize is given is not analogous to the way it was first given in 1901. It is a wide difference now. The formation of selection committee, selection of candidates and more importantly the ways of elimination of candidates– all have changed. There is a strategic difference between the former and the present way of giving the Prize. 

Many including scientists, economists, journalists showed their concerns as to this. An invention came out of one mind or a laboratory one hundred year ago. But nowadays, an invention comes out of a dozen of minds, in some cases, from an attempt of various groups of people. Behind an invention, it takes place that one hundred people work together in a team. But while giving the prize, the consider only first the first three persons. It is purely unfair.

As for example, 1500 scientists worked together to discover Intermediate Mass Black hole. So it is tough to take the lucky three from them. There is always a question of justification. 

Robert Gallo, the renowned virologist of the USA, contributed much to discover HIV virus, nonetheless he was deprived of his much deserved prize. Exactly same case happened in terms of Higs-Boson molecule discovery. 

The liability is of course on the Nobel Committee and the distribution system. The whole infrastructure of selection should be revised so as to escape of partiality. This is of course a hard task. Nonetheless they must find a wayout otherwise the novelty of the prize might be diminished. 


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