Karigori Shikkha latest Job Circular

Technical Education Directorate has recently publish a colossal karigori shikkha latest job circular which proclaims a vast number of posts. The have published their vacant lists. It is a total of more than twelve thousand posts. They are seeking applicants against 12607posts. It is indeed a huge number of posts 

Karigori Shikhha Job Circular

Karigori Shikhha Odidoptor has brought a large circular out. There are a large number of posts under diverge categories. Applicants are looking for this kinds of job circular. The circular is available on the official website of the technical Education Board. But it is also available in our website. 

You can find easily the circular in our website too. There are a lot of websites which lay out only falsity under the show of availability. If you visit our website, you have not even go to the official website which entails a lot of trouble. Moreover, finding information in the  original website is not an easy task for every students. 

 Technical Education Directorate Job 

For a few months, we have not seen such a large job circular. we have seen only the circulars of limited posts. Litmited posts job tests are always competitive and more importantly can not accommodate a large number of unemployed persons. Our country is densely populated and in its ever house, there is one or more educated persons. But there are not adequate jobs. So this kind of job circular fulfill their expectancy.

       Karigori Shikkha Job lists

There are more than twelve thousand posts mentioned in the circular. Under various categories, the jobs have been outlet. There are some remarkable posts among them. I would not like repeat it here as I soon upload the pdf file of the circular. You can see the details of the jobs there. 

Primary Sohokari Sikkhok Job Circular 2020- dpe.gov.bd Job Circular

Karigori Shikhha job Circular pdf

The job circular is of course available in the original website of the Directorate of Technical Education and Madrasa Board. But for your convenience, we have given the file here. Besides, we will share the link using which you can go directly to the official website. 

Click here to go to the official website

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