Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus and Marks Distribution- DPE Exam Syllabus and Suggestions

It is indispensable to have an evident idea about Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus and Marks Distribution, if you are a candidate of DPE assistant teacher exam 2020. The success in examination lies in the strategy a candidate takes. In order to design a strategy, you have a clear idea about the syllabus based on which the exam authority asks questions. In short, you have to grow the ability to read an examiners mind. The Directorate of Primary Education has publish an enormous job circular a few days back. As a candidate, you have to initiate proper plan to be selected finally. 

Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus: An Overview 

According to the job circular, the Directorate of Primary Education is going to recruit 32,577 assistant teachers in various areas. Candidates have to prepare themselves well from now, though the authority has not yet published the exam date. It is estimable that a large number of applicants will be vying for the mentioned posts. You need not frighten yourself to see the numbers. You have to grow yourself as a real competitor. 

Primary Assistant Teacher Job Circular

What is the difference between a simple candidate and a real competitor. If you know about the definition of a real competitor, you can easily imagine that the number of applicants is not as large as we see according to the statistics. A real competitor is the one who initiates scheme examining the syllabus- if there is any- and collects exam materials and read, in the strictest sense of the word, properly those materials. A simple candidate is somehow lacks any of the above-mentioned deeds. However, you have to be a real candidate. 

Let us now describe fully the syllabus. As a matter of fact, we are helping you to initiate exam strategy. We simply could have described the syllabus. That is easy. But initiating exam plan effectively is not much easy. You have to be conscious enough. By the way, it a matter of great comfort that Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus and Marks Distribution is nor large enough. You can cover it exerting a bit more effort. 

Primary School Teacher Online Application- Online Application System

Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus: Analysis

You have to appear in a two-staged  examination. First, you have to take part in MCQ Test. Thereafter, you have to attend a short Viva-Voce. Questions will be asked on the following subjects or areas:

1. Bangla 

2. English

3. Mathematics

4. General Knowledge

The exam consists of the areas of the above-mentioned. The total marks of the the MCQ test is 80. 

Bangla- 20 

English- 20

Mathematics- 20

General Knowledge- 20

So there is a MCQ Test of total 80 marks. Candidates must lose 0.25 marks for each answer. Let us now have subject-wise  analysis of topics. Viva-Voce contains 20 marks. In total, the exam is of 100 marks. MCQ 80+ Viva 20 = 100 in total.   

Primary Teacher Exam Syllabus: Bangla Part 


১.বাংলা ভাষার শব্দ সম্ভার

২. শব্দ গঠন প্রণালী

৩. সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ

৪.পদ প্রকরণ

৫. বাক্য গঠন প্রণালী

৬. বাগধারা

৭. পারিভাষিক শব্দ

৮. শব্দার্থ

৯. বাক্য রূপান্তর

These are the important areas from which the authority asks questions. All in all, you have base knowledge about the subjects. Usually what we learn in Secondary and Higher Secondary stage will come in handy in the test. 

Form literary part, there is not many questions or hardly any question. But you have to look at the biography and literary works of some prominent poets and novelists of Bangla Literature. The authority asks questions basically from the Bakyaron ( Grammar) part. So give a substantial amount of your attention to Bangla Grammar part.

Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus: English

In English part, there is 20 marks. You have to possess as much knowledge as is sufficient ro write correct English. I am not talking about standard English. That much proficiency is not needed. You should have the minimum knowledge as may be able to write proper English. 

1. Sentence 

2. Parts of Speech

3. Identification of parts of Speech

4. Phases

5. Clauses

6. Idioms

8. Preposition

9. Spelling

10. Linkers

11. Translation and proverbs

DPE Assistant Teacher Job Apply- Online Apply

These are the basic topics you can gather knowledge. You have to grow proficiency to answer MCQ part. This is discreet point questions. It is not difficult to answer these questions. Still, if you face any difficulty in solving any problems regarding the topics or outside the topics, you can freely contact us. we are ready to give solution to any questions asked. 

DPE Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus: Mathematics

For mathematics as well, we recommend you to develop your basic knowledge of mathematics. You have to focus more on problems related to numbers, Unitary method, percentage etc. The authority asks questions mostly on these grounds. Let us have a look on the important topics:

১. সংখ্যা 

২. ঐকিক নিয়ম

৩. শতকরা

৪. লাভ ক্ষতি

৫. বয়স নির্ধারণ

৬. জ্যামিতি

৭. পরিমিতি

Among the above-mentioned topics, you have to focus more on numbers, Unitary methods, Profit and Loss, Trigonometry. To remind you, you will get 20 marks from Mathematics. 

DPE Assistant Teacher Exam: General Knowledge

Under this category, there are two sections. One is affairs concerning our country and another is affairs concerning to Foreign. But from these two, you have to focus more on Bangladesh affairs. Most questions are coming from Bangladesh section. Not more than 5 questions will come from International section. So carefully handle Bangladesh section. 

Let us know see what may come from this section:

1. National Events

1. Liberation War

3. Language Movement

4. Area and Resources

5. Organisation and Agency

6. Borders, Leaders, President

7. Currencies

8. Stipulation

9. Reward and Recognition

10. Invention and Discovery

You can give much of your attention on these grounds. But this is not full and final suggestions, as there is nothing like full suggestions. Just you have to build your foundation. That will give you chance in a good job! 

DPE Exam Preparation Methods

You have to go ahead follow a short cut strategy. But remember that never follow short-cut method in developing your basic knowledge. But you have initiate some strategies to surpass you competitors in examination. 

1. Go ahead solving questions. Remember, you are going to appear on MCQ Test. There is difference between MCQ Test and Written Test. You are to prepare for MCQ test by solving MCQ questions. Moreover, you have to grow a capability of  answering questions in a very short while. 

Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus

2. Solve all the previous year Questions. This will give you basic idea about the questioning  area. Moreover, you can have chance to read the mind of the examiners. Then you can prepare yourself accordingly.

3. Invent some short-cut way to reach solution. It is applicable especially for Mathematics. You have to grow the ability of numerate without writing.

4. You have to grow a habit of taking notes.

5. Eventually, you must retain a rigid mindset to reach your destination.


Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus and Book list

It is not worthy to specify books namely. Nonetheless I have given a list of books for your effective preparation:

1. Question Bank from any publication, for instance, Professors’ or Oracle. 

2. You have to read a Primary syllabus based book. You can pick one from Professors.

3. For mathematics, you may rely on Khairul’s Publication. 

4. Follow Current Affairs every month.

5. Read all board books from Class 5- 10 Download All Board books Free PDF

This is enough for your Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus and Marks Distribution. Go ahead smoothly. We are always with you. You will get every materials and documents in our website. Thanks.







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