The Story of Nila/Lipi Class 9 Assignment

The Story of Nila/Lipi

The Story of Nila/Lipi Assignment for class 9 students is now available in our website. Moreover, you can get a sample assignment on the story of Nila/Lipi here inour website. For growing up of your idea, we are uploading the assignment on the story of Nila/Lipi. After you have read carefully the sample assignment on Nila/Lipi, you will go for preparing your own assignment.

We have done the story of Nila/Lipi in 10 sentences. The story is available on the NCTB book. To be precise, the chapter is on the Unit 4 Lesson 4 in your text book. We have done class 9 assignment sample here. Now you can read and download the story of Nila/Lipi in 10 sentences.

The Story of Nila Class 9

The main story is taken from the textbook actually. In the NCTB English textbook English for Today, you will find the story of Nila/Lipi. The story is about the high population of our country. Now we are going to describe in full detail the story of Nila/Lipi.

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According to the textbook story it goes like this: Lipi, a 14 year girl was in class 9 in the year before the last in a rural school situated in Rangpur. Lipi is the eldest of total 5 children. Her father is a labour. He works in other people’s land. As for her mother, she is a housewife and part-time worker at other people’s house. That is why both the parents could not be able to foster 5 children at the same time. Especially, the mother has found it extremely difficult to bring them up. The only earning person is her father. Therefore, Lipi’s father wanted to give her marry.

But Lipi did not want to marry. Actually she was not ready to marry at that stage. But her father insisted her. And Lipi wanted to continue her study. Then her mother understood her position. Moreover, she supported her secretly. She could not express her opinion openly. When Lipi’s father arranged marriage with a farmer’s son, namely, Tara Mia, she became dejected utterly. Tara is a widower. Moreover, he is illiterate person. He possess a few acres of ploughable land which he got from his father.

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In addition he had influence in the village. Therefore the marriage seems to take place very soon. Nobody could hinder the marriage.

The Story of Lipi Assignment

The directorate of secondary and higher education has ggiven task to rewrite this story in 10 sentences only. For the background of the assignment, you can look at the textbook of class 9. However we are going to prepare an assignment on the Story of Nila/Lipi. But before making an assignment let us see the assignment topics for the story of Nila/Lipi.

Here is the story of assignment: “Read the beginning of the Story of Nila/Lipi. Write in 10 sentences the story. In other word, you have to write a summary or synopsis. Nila is a student os Noapara High school. She is 14 years old only. She is an impoverished girl. But she has a strong intention to stand by her family.


The story of Nila/Lipi in 10 sentences

Nila, a student at a rural school in Rangpur, belongs to an impoverished family. In her family there are five members. Her father is the only earning member of the family. Therefore, her father wanted to give her marry. But Nila was reluctant to marry and willing to pursue her study. In the meantime, her father set her marriage with a son of well-off family. Her mother supported her but could not express her opinion openly. Thus finding no way, Nila consulted this to her friends and further to her head teacher. Hearing this, the head teacher holds a meeting and called Nila’s parents on. As a result her father cancelled the marriage. Nila continues her study again.

The Story of Nila/Lipi

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Nila’s Story Assignment

According to the given task, we have showed you the story in 10 sentences. Furthermore, we have given a short summary above. By seeing this story description and sample assignment, you can easily prepare your own assignment. We have just showed you an example assignment. Thus it will be helpful for you to make your own assignment. 2020 Assignment Front Page Sample

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