Class 6 Assignment 1st Week (2021) Questions & Solution

Class 6 Assignment. Download class 6 assignment 1st Week answer and question from our website. For the 1st week Class 6 assignment, there are Bangla and Islam O Noitik Shikkha. We have given Bangla, English, BGS all assignment solution in this post. Now, if you are a student of class 6, you have to visit this post to see class 6 assignment answer 2021. According to the records, we come to know that students are searching for assignment solution. Therefore we have provided class 6 assignment solution for all 1st week subjects. [পোস্টটি বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন]

Earlier we have given solution to all 2nd week class 6 assignments as well. For watching class 6 2nd week answer, you need to visit in the following post. However, our website is working from the beginning to provide assignment samples for you. Thus , in the course of doing so, we will upload all 3rd week, 4th week and 5th week assignment solution.

Class 6 Assignment 1st Week 2021

We are going in line with the assignment plan with the directorate of secondary and higher Education authority. The authority has published the assignment syllabus on 31th of October last month. We published the short syllabus on the same day. To get the short syllabus, you need to visit in the following link. Syllabus 2020 PDF | NCTB Short Syllabus 2020

After a couple of days, the authority published assignment syllabus along with assignment topics. Since then, we have been providing assignment solution for you. If you want to get assignment syllabus, you have to visit 2020 assignment section. Moreover, after entering our website, you will get assignment menu bar. By entering the menu bar, you can get all subject assignment solution there.

2021 Class 6 Bangla Assignment Solution

Like the previous year, DSHE has started publishing weekly assignment for high school students. We have already published first week assignment syllabus 2021 in our website in different posts. Moreover, we have given every post both in Bangla and English. Thus you will get all class assignment solution posts both in Bangla and English. You can choose any of the media. Students who are not comfortable with English posts may read Bangla post. We will give assignment solution in both format.

বাংলা ও ইংরেজি উভয় ভাষাতেই আমরা পোস্ট দিয়ে দিব । আপনাদের  পছন্দ অনুজায়ী যে কোন ভাষা পছন্দ করে পোস্ট পড়তে পারবেন।

Let us see now class 6 assignment 1st week 2021 questions. Then we will go directly to the answers. We will provide 100% correct answers of course. Students have already known to the fact. As we gave all assignment solution timely in the previous year, we will do it in 2021 as well. Any way, let us see all class 6 assignment questions of 1st week 2021.

Class 6 Assignment

Class 6 Assignment

Class 6 Assignment

So, as you can see there are questions from Bangla Grammar part. Immediately, we are going to add solution here in this post. If you want to get Class 6 Bangla Assignment solution, you may visit this post. We are saying repeatedly, you will get all class 6-9 assignment solution from our website. Follow to get answer quickly.

Class Six: Islam O Noitik Shikkha Assignment Solution

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has published 2021 assignment syllabus just a couple of days back. According to the assignment syllabus, there are assignments for class 6 students on Bangla Grammar and Dharma o Noitik Shikkha. We are going to give you both the assignment solution here in this post. Our team has already started working for solving assignment questions. So, you will get Class Six assignment 2021 1st week within a very short time. Let us check the 2021 class Six assignment questions and answers.

    Class 6 Assignment 1st week 

So we have see the assignment questions already. Let me give you now Islam Shikkha solution:

ইসলাম শিক্ষা প্রশ্ন ছিলঃ তোমার চারপাশের নানা নিদর্শনের উল্লেখসহ কালেমা তাইয়েবা ও কালেমা শাহাদতের আলোকে আল্লাহ তালার একত্ববাদের প্রতিবেদন তৈরি কর। 

উত্তরঃ Click here to download Islam o Noitik Shikkha Answer PDF

হিন্দু ধর্ম শিক্ষা ১ম সপ্তাহের উত্তর ২০২১ 

Class 6 Assignment

Class 6 Assignment


Class 6 Assignment

Class 6 Assignment


Class Six All Questions

We have given all 1st and 2nd week solution of all subjects such as Bangla, English, Math, ICT, Islam Shikkha, BGS, Physics, Chemistry and so on. Therefore, you can get any answer you need. At present post, we are going to talk about class  assign six assignment 1st week. With this post, we have finished all 1st and 2nd week assignment solution. So you do not need to look for solution in any other websites.

For class six assignment first week, there are 3 subjects. The 3 subjects are Bangla, English and BGS. Let us talk first about class 6 assignment 1st week assignment questions and Solution.

Assignment Topics Bangla

As for Bangla assignment class 6 there are certain questions. We are going to describe in full length about class 6 assignment Bangla questions. There are three base stories for class six Bangla assignment. The name of those stories is sototar puroskar, Minu and Nil Nod O Piramider Desh. Under these stories, you have to answer 10 short questions. As assignment instructions, you have to follow correct spelling and correctness of answer. The short questions are in the following:

  1. Ihudi bongsher tin jon loker ki ki saririk somossa silo?
  2. Sototar puroskar golpe tritio baktir manosikotar songkhipto porichoy dao?
  3. Sototar poroskar golper shikkhonio dikti olpo kothai lekho?
  4. Loke Gogen Bosak k mohot lok vabto keno?
  5. Bolta ba Vimrul k Minu Sottru vabto keno?
  6. Minur onek jor thaka sotteo sute baire eshechilo keno?
  7. Somojhdar r ghorchara manus kiser tane misor jai?
  8. Niler upor vese chola nouka dekhe leokhoker ovibaktir porichoy dao
  9. Mrito bakti somporke faraora ki biswas korten?
  10. Nilnod r Piramider Desh Vromonkahin onujaye Sudanbasider saririk bornona dao.

These are the 10 questions of Bangla assignment class six. Look at the end to find for answer.

Bangla Assignment Class 8 9 7 6 Answer & Syllabus

Enlish Assignment 1st week

There are 4 chapters under English assignment 1st week class 6. You need to give answers from them. There is Lesson 1: Going to a new school. In addition, there is lesson 2: Congratulations! Well done! Moreover, there is a railway station. The 4th number is from Lesson 4: where are you from?

Class 6 Assignment BGS First Week

From Bangladesh and Bisshaya Porichoy, there are two chapters after reading the chapters you have to answer questions. The name of the chapters is chapter one: Bangladesher Itihas and chapter 2: Bangladesh o Bissha Sovvota. The questions are given in the following:

  1. Muktijuddhe Bangladesher Bijoyer karonguli bornona koro.
  2. Varot upamahadesher prachin sovota or rajbongshagulor talika toiri koro.
  3. Sovvotar itihashe parosioder 2 ta boro obodan bornona koro.    

Class 6 Assignment

Click here to dowload assignment solution PDF

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