Class 9 Physics Assignment 6th Week 2021 ICT Answer

Class 9 Physics Assignment 6th Week 2021 is given here in this post. Furthermore, we have prepared a sample class 9 physics assignment 6th week. You can see and download class 9 physics assignment 6th week from here in our website. We have already uploaded class 9 physics assignment 6th week solution. As we know, preparing assignment for class 9 is more or less difficult. Therefore we have prepared a sample class 9 assignment 6th week 2021 on the given topics. 2021 Assignment Front Page Sample

Class 9 Physics Assignment 6th Week

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has published 6th week week  assignment syllabus in its official website. Besides, we have uploaded the assignment syllabus in our website as well. You can download all week syllabus and assignment topics from our website. Moreover, we are uploading sample assignment for all subjects. Students of all classes find solution in our website.

In the course of doing so, we are now going to give you class 9 physics assignment sample. According to Google documents, we knew that students are looking for class 9 physics assignment 6th week answer. But the answer is nowhere available. Yet do not worry. We have given the solution for class 9 physics assignment 6th week questions. Now let us see what the topic is about.

Class 9 Podartho Assignment Question

Before going to solve the class 9 physics assignment solution, we need to look at the questions asked. The authority has selected the chapter namely, Force and Motion (BOL and Goti). Perhaps you all know a lot of things about force and motions. Newton declares a phenomenal set of motion laws. The authority asked questions on that subject.

Class 9 students have to answer a set of creative questions. Above the question set, there is an outlet story. Let us talk elaborately on the questions.

Class 9 Physics Assignment solution

Beside the question, there are additional instructions set. You can look at that for answering the question. But you do not have to do that. We are giving you full answer of class 9 assignment questions. Have a look at the following questions:

Class 9 Physics Assignment 6th Week

Class 9 Physics Assignment 6th Week

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Class 9 ICT Assignment 6th Week Answer

We could have a separate post on class 9 ICT assignment 6th week 2021 answer. But we cannot be able to do that for the time being due to the shortage of time. Thereby we attach class 9 ICT assignment 6th week 2021 answer here in this post. So, students who need ICT assignment 6th week will get ICT answer from here. Click below to see and download class 9 ICT assignment PDF. 

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  1. Describe the third law of Motion.
  2. Why does not a fan stop immediately after the switch being turned off.
  3. What is the sum of force of the first car.
  4. You have to a mathematical term in this question. We have given a picture of the assignment here. Please look at the picture to see the details excerpt and question.

Look below to have class 9 assignment question.


Class 9 assignment Answer

Answer to the Q. 1: You can find this answer in the text book. Yet we are giving solution to the question. The third law of motion is that every object has an equal and opposite reaction.

Answer 2: we are going to give the solution in Bangla format as well. So do not worry. Now let us talk about the second answer. Force and inertia is two opposite things. Force is a moving condition of an object. And inertia is about stillness of an object. Now what makes a moving object stop. Definitely, the answer is friction. Friction hinders the rate of force and accelaration. When we stop a fan there is not sufficient friction to stop the movement. Moreover, it can be explained through the first law of motion.

You can see the 3 & 4 number question in the PDF file. We have given class 9 assignment solution in Bangla version. You can download and preserve the answer. Have a glance below at the class 9 assignment solution:



Class 9 Physics Assignment Answer PDF

We have uploaded the full answer in PDF format. In order to get class 9  full assignment answer. Click here on the following link. Besides we have uploaded Science assignment for class 6 as well in our website. Visit our website to get that as well. Here is the class 9 physics full solution.

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