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NU Official Website Notice including all Honors 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year exam notice is available in this post. As you all you, the NU official website is After entering the NU official website, you will find a notice section. And in that notice section, NU students will get all exam and class related notices. [পোস্টটি বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন] 

But sometimes it happens that students enter into the NU Official Website Notice board. Further, they fail to identify the exact notice for them. Therefore, we have given this post. In this post will get every NU notice separately by section and year.

NU Official Website Notice

Due to Corona Virus pandemic, the Education Ministry is wavering in their decision. Sometimes, the Ministry says that the class and exam will take place in limited terms. Sometimes, they postpone all exams and classes. However, for the latest information, the NU students have to take a look at the news. Therefore, we are going to give all the latest news about the exam and classes of National University. You just need to have a look at this post in our website. Moreover, you can visit notice section in our website.

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NU Latest Notice 2023

After a lot of discussion, the Education Ministry proclaimed that there will be no class and examination before 24th May. That means, the educational institution will remain shut-down two months more. The NU exams and classes will resume after 24th of May. As for public university hall, the residential hall will be open in 17th of May. However, let us give you all the information in an organized manner.


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NU Official Website Exam Notice

Owing to the onscreen crises, the educational institutions cannot take any decision of their own. They are to rely on the Ministry of Education. Just a couple of days back, Dipu Moni declared that all NU and public university exams will be postponed till 24th of May. In the meantime, the government will take the preparatory measures for the new beginning of classes and exams. Among the preparatory measures, there are vaccination, cleaning the classrooms, etc. In short, the government is trying to reduce the risk of Corona affection in the institutional places.



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Thus it has become necessary to check NU official website for the latest NU notice. In this post we will emphasize on the Honors and Masters examination. We will take every year under a separate subheading.

NU Official Website Notice of Honors 1st Year Exam

All Honors and Masters exams are due to happen. Honors 1st year exam is one among them. After a 10 month shutdown, the colleges under NU University decided to give the examination. In the meantime, many colleges have taken their in-courses. Moreover, the colleges have given the date for form fill-up. But suddenly, the Education Ministry has come up with cancelling all the ongoing and scheduled examinations. In such condition, you need to know when again the examination procedures resume.

NU Official Website Notice board is the destined place for knowing all this news. Nevertheless, you can get any kind of NU official website Notice here in this post. Check and download all Honors 1st year notice form the below:

NU Official Notice of Honors 2nd Year Exam

Owing to this corona virus pandemic, no examination could have been possible. Therefore, Honors 2nd year examination is also due to happen. The NU has given Honors 1st year exam form-fill up date. But in terms of Honors 2nd year exam, only in-courses have been complete. Otherwise, the form fill-up and exam procedures are not fixed yet. So, if you want to get 2nd year exam notice, please check the NU notices below:

   3rd Year NU Honors Exam Notice

Of course, you can reach the exam notices from the official website of National University. In case you fail to get NU official website notice, you can search here. Here in this post, we are going to give you direct NU official notice board link. Just by pressing on the link, you can go to the NU Official Website Notice. Moreover, we are giving you all NU notice in image and PDF format. You can choose any format you like. Check below NU 3rd Year Honors Notice in the following:

NU 4th Year Exam Notice from NU Official Website 

From form fill-up to final examination result—all exam related notice is available in this post. Most of the NU students rely on our website as the secondary source of information. Honors 4th year examination was on the run. Get the latest updates about NU 4th year Honors examination notice from the following:


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NU Masters Exam Notice

We will update this post after each and every update of NU exam notice. If you need to know any exam news, you just have to read this post. You will get any exam notice updated in NU official website notice board. However, we are going to give you all masters exam notice in this section. You can see and download NU masters exam notice from this section. Notice Board

As the title shows, that is the official website for getting NU notices. But from now, you take this post as NU notice board. Because, we are going to update all years exam notice in this post. Just you have to enter into this post, you will get any NU exam notice you need. Further, there are some complications happened when you try to enter into the official website. Sometime it shows too much busy, sometimes unreachable. Thus you can collect any NU official notice from this post without taking any trouble.

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