Online Admission Test 2020-2021 (Combined Admission Test 2020)


University Grants Commission on a meeting yesterday, 17th of October, decided to take online admission tests for this session. After some successive meetings, the commission has come to this decision. Earlier the commission held a meeting on discussing recurrent issues regarding the admission tests. But they could not come to any decisive point in that day. They wanted to hold a meeting on Saturday this week. As stated, they hold the meeting. They concluded that they are going to give Online Admission Test 2020-2021. They relates how the will implement their plan.

Online Admission Test 2020: From UGC Sources

Applicants have to enter into the university by taking part in admission tests. But due to Corona virus pandemic, the authority has changed the system of admission test. As our website informed you before, the authority is going to take combined admission test this year. But the exception is that the applicants do not need to go to the exam centre. They will have to take part in an online admission test. UGC has especial plan to turn that into reality. In this post we are going to focus on that.

Combined Admission Test 2020

Owing to corona virus pandemic, examination on regular basis is not possible this year. The authority is planning to launch software in order to implement the plan.  For your convenience we would share the software among you so that you can easily download and use the software.

Online Admission Test 2020-2021: The System of Admission

The authority would bring out software on the behalf of admission test. But the software gets approval after discussing with the Education Ministry and University Grants Commission. In addition, they will give combine admission test for this session. Moreover, they are planning to take internal examinations through online apps. They are trying to pass aside the pandemic. Students are apprehensive of session jam as well. In order to get rid all of these problems, the authority initiates online examination plan.

On a virtual meeting Saturday this week, the UGC declared its plan. The VCs also came back from their position. On Thursday, they were against taking admission test during the present situation. But after this admission plan, the all have given their consent.

Online Admission Test 2020-2021


Online Admission Test 2020-2021

Online Admission 2020-2021: The Software for Admission

Professor Mizanur Rahman, the chairman of Combined Admission test and the vice chancellor of Jagannath University, said that all the vice chancellors assented to the plan. The all accepted the proposal of taking admission test online. Because admission based on marks or Grade is not possible, as it is possible for National University. On that meeting, there was presentation of the software.

Professor Munaz Noor, vice chancellor of digital University, presented the very software. He proposed that online admission test with that application is quite possible. 10 lakh students at the same time can take part in the admission test through the apps. That is why vice chancellors gave their consent to the plan.

Nonetheless, a large amount of students do not possess smart phones. There is not supply of high speed internet everywhere. Obviously it will be challenging for our context. There are many more students who are not well acquainted with modern devices. However this is the decisive step. The Education Ministry could not help doing that.

Online Admission Software Download

As applicants have to appear in the admission test through online medium, the must download the fixed app. UGC selected an application especially for this purpose. But for the time being, it is now on observational stage. You can download the software from here after it has received approval. We will upload the software immediately afterwards it gets sanction from the Education Ministry.





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