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DPED result 2022

PTI RESULT 2022 published in result section is available here in our website. DPED stands for Diploma in Primary Education. NAPE or National Academy for Primary Education offers DPED degree. THE NAPE is located in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. It manages all activities concerning to primary education. Under this huge organization, the 68 PTIs are working. And you know what PTI stands for. PTI stands for Primary Teachers Training Institute. NAPE has published PTI RESULT 2022 recently. And we are on the part of NAPE offering you the PTI RESULT 2022. 


As said earlier, there are 68 PTIs working under National Academy for Primary Education (NAPE). Amon them 67 are of Government and the rest one is of Non-government’s. However, government and non-government PTIs both are offering DPED or Diploma in Primary Education course. Recently, NAPE has brought out the DPED result of the year 2021 exam. The examination for DPED degree was taken in the previous year. But a couple of days back, NAPE has come up with the PTI RESULT 2022. Okay now check below your result by a single click (PTI RESULT 2022). 

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pti result 2022


PTI RESULT 2022 or DPED RESULT 2022 are the same thing. As a matter of fact, people are calling those differently. Some people are calling it NAPE RESULT 2022. Some are calling it PTI RESULT 2022 and some are calling it DPED RESULT 2022.  But these are all the same. Whatever the  difference in name may be there is, we are going to offer you the only and actual PTI RESULT. If you enter into the official website of NAPE that is namely, you can see a notice board. There you can see an elaborate result sheet. However, for your easiness, we have hanged the notice below as this is in the NAPE official website. You can go to NAPE official website by clicking on the given link (PTI RESULT 2022). 

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DPED result


Before I have said that people are addressing the same thing in various manners. That is why we have included all the possible searching words so that people may reach us soon with ease. Okay, as you know, there is a certain period of academic years of DPED degree. After the end of the course, there is a final examination. Candidates who can pass only the test are given with DPED degree. Though there are some in-course tests during the degree. Candidates have also to pass those tests. By the way, you can know everything about NAPE here in our website by a query (PTI RESULT 2022).   


Although there is widespread interest in getting DPED degree among the teachers in Bangladesh, only a handful of teachers get the opportunity to obtain DPED degree each year. Because there is various lacks of facilities and instructors. A PTI is run by a PTI superintendent. And under a PTI superintendent, there are a certain number of PTI instructors. There are teaching in the DPED courses. However, teachers can gather more information in the official website of each PTI (PTI RESULT 2022).   

NAPE DPED Result 2021

The exam took place in the previous year. But the result comes up now. In the mean time, the PTI instructors evaluated the scripts. This degree is not a qualification degree. This is actually a skill development degree. It also helps increase a teacher’s salary. There is a difference between the salary of an ordinary teacher and a teacher who holds DPED degree (PTI RESULT 2022). 

Diploma in Primary Education Result 

As there is an increase in salary too, teachers are doing the DPED course. It helps develop a teacher’s teaching skill. Because while doing their academic study, they may not be able to do any teaching course. Therefore, NAPE are offering DPED courses so that the teachers may be skilled in teaching. However, you can see now who has passed the DPED course from this post. Thank you. 

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