Assignment Solution Class 7 1st Week 2021 বাংলা ইসলাম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা

class 7 assignment 2021

Assignment Solution Class 7 of 1st week is available in this post. DSHE assignment syllabus 2021 contains class 6 7 8 9 assignment syllabus 2021. For the 1st week assignment, DSHE has published Bangla and Dharma assignment for class 6 7 8. And for class 9 only, they have published Bangla, BGS and Science assignment syllabus. However, we have given solutions to all class 6 8 and 9 assignment 2021.

Now, we are going to talk only Assignment Solution Class 7 1st week. Before going to Assignment Solution Class 7, let us see DSHE 1st week assignment topics 2021. (পোস্টটি বাংলায় পড়তে ‌এখানে ক্লিক করুন)

Class 7 Assignment Solution 2021

Like the previous year, the Education Ministry has decided to give assignments for high school students. During the present year 2021, the institutions will evaluate students through weekly assignments. Moreover, there are especial way of marking for assignment evaluation. Students who have done well in their assignment will get “very good” or “excellent” status. And students who have not done that much good in doing their assignment will get “Improving”. Finally students who have done comparatively worse in their assignment will get “needs improvement status.”        

Now if you wnat  to get the excellent status, there is no alternative to following our posts. Because we are responsible for each and every assignment answer.

1st Week Assignment Answer 2021 Class 7

In the previous year we have give all the six week assignment solution in our website. Further, we have explained every topics to the high school students. Again, we have taught them how to write assignment effectively. Moreover, we have shown them how to design assignment cover page. For example, we have given some assignment front page samples.

So, we are going to give assignment syllabus and solution to all weeks in 2021 as well. Cling to our website to get all class 6 7 8 9 assignment syllabus and answer. 

Bangla Assignment Solution 1st Week

In this post, we will give you Bangla assignment questions and solution of the 1st week 2021. There are questions from Bangla Grammar part and from Sahitto part. So you will get Bangla full assignment solution from this post. Sometimes, we delay a day or two to provide solutions to assignments. Because, we always provide standard assignment answer. Anyway, let us see Bangla assignment questions and answer of 2021 1st week.

Assignment Solution Class 7

So, this is class 7 1st week assignment question. Now we will go directly to answer. See below to get 1st week assignment solution:

class 7 1st week

Click here to download full answer PDF

Assignment Solution Class Seven Islam O Noitik Shikkha

In the 1st week assignment syllabus, there are questions only from two subjects. So, it is not difficult for us to provide solution for us. We are giving you class 7 assignment solution as soon as possible. So class 7 students have to visit this post to collect class 7 assignment solution. Again, we say we ensure the best quality of assignment solution. Moreover, we will keep updating our assignment posts. So you will get the latest updates about assignment syllabus and solutions.

Assignment Solution Class 7

Click here to download class 7 full assignment syllabus 2021

Come on now to Islam Shikkha assignment solution from below. We have given you both image and PDF format. Click below to get class 7 assignment Islam Shikkha solution. 

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৭ম শ্রেণী হিন্দু ধর্ম শিক্ষা উত্তর ১ম সপ্তাহ



Assignment Solution Class 7

Assignment Solution Class 7

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