Class 8 Assignment 1st Week Answer 2021

Class 8 Assignment 1st week 2021 answer is given elaborately in this post. Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has published first week assignment syllabus 2021 in its official website. In line with the assignment topics, we have come up with Class 8 Assignment solution 1st week 2021. Further, we have given sample Class eight Assignment solution 2021 for your convenience. You can download first week assignment syllabus from here in our website. However, let us know more about Class 8 Assignment question and answer 2021.

Download 1st Week Assignment Syllabus

Class 8 Assignment Solution

According to the decision of Education Ministry, no institutional examination is going to take place in this year. The authority chose for alternatives. The best alternative they have found is weekly assignment. Students have to submit their assignment within the fixed date. As for any information related to dshe assignment, you can see 2021 section. Moreover, we gave related assignment materials in our website.

As you can see, we have provided class eight assignment solution in this post. Moreover, we have provided all class 6-9 assignment solution of 1st week 2021.   

Class 8 Assignment Solution Strategy

Students of secondary level are not much familiar with assignment system. Therefore, we have come to give you sample assignment answer. After viewing the sample assignment, you can make your own assignment. Besides, we have posted about assignment writing skills. By reading the post, you can develop your assignment writing skill.

Another important thing is how you would design your assignment front or cover page. According to the instruction of the board, we have given front page samples. Therefore, you can see the front page sample as well. But we are now going to solve Class 8 questions. 2020 Assignment Front Page Sample

Class 8 Bangla & Islam Shikkha Solution 

We are going to add answer soon. Keep in touch.

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Class 8 assignment solution is in the following. Already, we have given you assignment questions. Now it is our turn to give you assignment solution. See below to get class 8  answer 1st week.

class 8 assignment 2021

Religion Assignment Class 8 Answer

Already we have given Bangla assignment answer 2021 1st week. Now we are going to given you religion assignment class 8 answer. In fact we have already submitted to you all class 6-9 assignment solution of 1st week 2021. As for religion assignment class 8 solution, we have given it in the following. Further we will give Hindu dharma assignment solution in the following.

Along with Religion assignment solution, we have given you Hindu religion assignment solution in the same post. We can give you subject wise assignment solution. But that will be a bit redundant. Therefore, we have give all class eight assignment solution in the same post. However, let us see and download religion assignment class 8 solution:   


dshe assignment 2021

Answer Set number 2: If you do not like the above assignment answer, there is an alternative answer in the following. Watch those as well.

class 8 assignment 2021


৮ম শ্রেণী হিন্দু শিক্ষা উত্তর ১ম সপ্তাহ ২০২১

Class 8 Assignment

Class 8 Assignment

Bangla Assignment Question Previous Year

First of all let us talk about Class 8 Assignment Bangla questions. After giving you questions, we will give you solution. For first week Class 8, the authority has selected a story from the NCTB text book. The name of the story is Othithir Smriti or Sriti (অতিথির স্মৃতি). This is the base story. After reading this story, you have to answer the asked questions. Moreover, we have given solution in the following.

Based on othitir smriti, you have to write a composition or probondho, namely, Sikkha Sofor Rochona. We have given you Skikkha Sofor Rochona (শিক্ষা সফর রচনা) in Bangla. Therefore you can see and download the composition. According to the assignment instructions we have written the composition. Let us now look at Class 8 Bangla topics:

class 8 assignment

Class Eight Bangla Solution

For giving answer to bangla assignment questions, you need to read the story othitir snriri first. After reading the story, you can easily write the probondho or essay or rochona in your own way. Admittedly, it is not difficult to write shikkha sofor rochona in bangla. Yet, we have given you a sample answer for Class 8 Bangla solution. Have a look below to see and download the PDF file of Shikkha Sofor rochona.

Class 8 Assignment English Questions

For class 8 English the authority has selected two lessons. From lesson 2, there is a story about Nakshi Kantha (নকশী কাঁথা). Moreover, there is another story from lesson 4. From lesson 4, there is a story, namely, a delicious dish. You need to prepare your assignment in the above-mentioned topics. Let us give you Class 8 English answer.

english class 8

Class 8 English Assignment Solution

For class 8 solution, we have given all of the asked questions. You will find any answer you want to get. Moreover, we have given you example assignment. After viewing the sample assignments, you can prepare your own assignment. All the Class 8 English Solutions are given below:

Khichuri Recipe Assignment in English for School

Pudding Recipe Assignment for Class 8 High School

Firni Recipe Assignment in English for Class 8 High School

Nakshi Kantha Assignment for Class 8 Students

Class 8 Assignment BGS Questions

From Bangladesh and Global Studies, there are two topics. One is you have to write something about some prominent persons who have tried you change the prevalent social system ( তৎকালীন সমাজ ব্যবস্থা পরিবর্তনে উল্লেখযোগ্য ব্যক্তির অবদান). Another topic is a very well-known topic. You have to write significance of Bangabadhu Sheikh Mujib’s vason/Bhason or speech ( বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমানের ৭ মার্চ ভাষণের তাৎপর্য). For answering those questions, you have to read first chapter 1 and chapter 2 from your BGS textbook. Have a glance at the BGS Questions.


Class 8 BGS Question Solution

We have given BGS assignment solution in PDF format. You have to check here in the the following to get answer. As we give answer to every question, we have give BGS assignment answer as well. Here is BGS Assignment answer in PDF format. Click below to download BGS assignment 1st week answer.

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