BCS Preliminary Question Solution 41th (with Explanation)

41th bcs exam question

41th bcs exam question

BCS Preliminary Question Solution 41th is given with explanation in this post. 41th BCS Preliminary question solution includes the reference and explanation. Therefore, there is  no chance for BCS examinees for raising any question regarding the correctness of BCS Preliminary Question Solution. On 19th of March 2021, the 41th BCS preliminary exam would take place. Immediately after the BCS preliminary examination, BCS exam question solution will be rightly available.

BCS Preliminary Question Solution

There is no much time ahead of 41th BCS examination. 41th BCS examinees are trying to have a last look on chapters. However, 41st BCS examinees will naturally looking for question solution after the 41st BCS examination.

  BCS Preliminary Question Solution 41th

It takes much time to find all BCS question answer out. Therefore, we have come up with all 200 MCQ question answers with explanation. We do  not take time to solve BCS Preliminary Question Solution. Because, we usually work as a team. Thus, we can be able to provide you with BCS Preliminary Question Solution of 41th BCS in no time after the 41th BCS preliminary test. 

With all the promptness, we secure the the credibility of question solution. Moreover, 41th BCS examinees can ask us question about the question solution. We will be ready to clarify each and every BCS Preliminary Question Solution. 

41th BCS Preliminary Question Solution 

As soon as the 41th BCS preliminary examination finishes, we will give the BCS Preliminary Question Solution of 41th BCS. Just we are waiting for the 41th BCS examination to happen. So far as we know, the 41th BCS preliminary test will begin at 10am and ends at 12 pm. 41st BCS examinees will get 2 hours in the preliminary test. In the meantime, 41th BCS preliminary exam students have to answer the BCS  MCQ questions. The total number of question is 200. However, we will give all 200 MCQ solution in this post. 

41 BCS Preli Question solution 

As we said, we will give the full answer of 41th BCS preli examination. You just come to this post and check your answer. And, you can calculate your marks as well. We are giving assurance of the correctness of 41th BCS Preliminary Question Solution. If you have any doubt about the question solution, you simple leave a comment below. Immediately, we will remove your doubt. 

BCS is the most competitive job exam currently in Bangladesh. The BCS exam committee take 3 staged examination for finalizing the selected candidates. The very first stage is elementary level. And that is MCQ type preliminary stage. 

41st BCS Exam Question Solution

This is the matter of great assurance that the author of this post will also appear at the 41st BCS preliminary exam. Therefore, it will not be a matter for us to provide both 41th BCS question and solution. After maximum 2 hours from the BCS preliminary examination, you will get the full BCS Preliminary Question Solution. Why should you rely on our question solution in our website?

You may have question like that above. The answer is simple. We are good at Mathematics, ICT, Bangla, English and Science. Suppose, if we get stuck in General Knowledge section, we will use our resources. It is not tough for a group of ardent team to solve BCS Preliminary Question Solution 41th. 

41th BCS Bangla Question Solution       

Let us go subject wise. We give give the PDF solution of all 200 BCS Preliminary Question Solution at the end of this post. So, if you want to download the 41th BCS preliminary question solution PDF, you have to click on the link at the end of this post. However, let us give subject wise 41th BCS Preliminary Question Solution first. 

Our first take is Bangla Grammar and Bangla Sahitto or Literature. In 41th BCS examination, there will be 35 questions from Bangla grammar and literature part. The total marks for Bangla part is 35: 20 from literature part and 15 from Bangla grammar part. After the 41th BCS examination, you get all 41th BCS Bangla MCQ answer from here. Here is all Bangla answer of BCS Preliminary Question Solution 41th:

41st BCS Preliminary English Question Solution 

Like Bangla part, English part also has 35 questions. Each of the English questions for 41st preliminary exam carries 1 mark. If a candidate gives wrong answer, he or she has to lose .50 mark. However, be careful while answering 41st BCS preliminary MCQ question.   

From English grammar part there will be 15 marks and from English Literature section 20 marks. Remember, you need to put emphasis on Modern English and Bangla Literature. However, we have give all 35 questions solution of 41th BCS exam in the following. Check your answer now: 

ICT Question Solution of 41st BCS

In 41st BCS preliminary examination, there will the questions from ICT or Information and Communication Technology. In this modern technology world, we cannot compete with the world without a good knowledge of ICT. Therefore, ICT gets emphasis day by day. Electronic age has come in the screen. Therefore, there is no alternative to compute using ang learning. However, we have give all 15 question solution in the following. Check 15 MCQ BCS Preliminary Question Solution of ICT below: 

  41st BCS Preli Math Solution      

Candidates usually takes mathematics too much hard. As a matter of fact, it is not that much hard. Just you have to be a little bit tactful. However, there will be 15 questions from Math part in 41th BCS examination. We have talked broadly about 41th BCS syllabus, marks distribution, suggestion in a separate post. But in this post, we are giving just the 41th BCS Preliminary Question Solution. 

In the course of doing so, we are just touching the question sections. However, 41st BCS Preliminary Question Solution for mathematics part is in the following:

41st BCS Mental Ability Question Solution 

41th BCS preliminary questions for mental ability are just for checking your observational power. In other words, they are checking your IQ. IQ stands for Intelligence quotient. Questions from Mental ability come from different subjects such as geometry, English, Math, etc. However, if you accustomed to answering Mental ability questions, it will not be difficult for you to answer 41st BCS preliminary mental ability questions. Check below your mental ability answers:

41st BCS Science Part Question Solution 

In 41th BCS preliminary, questions will come from Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Modern Science. You have to put an emphasis on the latest updates of modern sciences. However, after 41th BCS preliminary test, you will find each and every Science question solution here. See below for 41th BCS preliminary question solution for science part:

41th BCS All Subject MCQ Question Solution PDF     

We may enlarge this post more. But for the time being, this is our primary post regarding the 41th BCS preliminary question solution. On the day of BCS preliminary exam, we will elaborate this post more. We will add BCS MCQ questions answers and explanation. Moreover, you get all MCQ answer PDF from here. 

Keep waiting for the 41st BCS examination to take place.     

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