44th BCS Written Exam Date & Routine

44 bcs routine

44th BCS Written Exam Date PUBLISHED after BPSC commenced a new meeting on 44th BCS Written Exam Date and the exam schedule. Earlier when BPSC published 44th BCS preliminary result, it has given an approximate date of 44th BCS Written Exam Date. But the estimate date could not be followed. BPSC perhaps is not taking 44th BCS written exam in October. Rather it will give 44th BCS written exam in November 2022. We have discussed 44th written exam date and the 44th routine here in this post. 

44th BCS Written Exam Date

In June 2022, BPSC published 44th BCS preliminary result. There BPSC said that 44th BCS written exam may occur in October this year. But this was an estimated BCS written exam date. PSC cannot always follow the approximate date of written exam. Because, there is a lot of backlog in the BCS exam taking procedure. Therefore BPSC sometimes fail to follow the given date. 

44 bcs routine

Download full ROUTINE PDF

44 bcs written exam date

44th BCS written exam date

44th BCS Written Exam Update News

This PSC chairman is very much active. The proof of that is that he has been able to publish 44th BCS preliminary result within a month. That is a speedy publication of BCS result as far as the recent history is concerned. Usually BPSC takes more than a year to finish BCS preliminary and written exam. But as for 44th BCS, it is going quite in normal way. Therefore, we hope that 44th BCS written exam will be held on the last week of OCTOBER or may be in the first week of NOVEMBER. 

BCS Exam Syllabus

We have so far posted about BCS written exam syllabus. BPSC have not made any change in 44th BCS written syllabus. The 44th BCS written syllabus is the same as it was before. Therefore, 44th BCS candidates can download 44th BCS written syllabus from the link below. As there is only a month before 44th BCS written tests, they already have the 44th BCS written syllabus in their hands. Nevertheless, we have added here 44th BCS Written syllabus PDF.


44th BCS Exam Schedule

We are giving here the official website link of Bangladesh Public Service Commission. After entering the official website of PSC, you see in the third section RESULT and Notice. There you will find all the recent updates. For your convenience, we are sharing here the link through which you can directly visit the section.

bcs notice board

Click here to see BPSC Notice Board

44th BCS Written Exam Routine

We have given you the official website notice board where you will see 44th BCS written exam routine hung. Moreover, we will add 44th BCS written exam routine here in this post so that 44th BCS can easily download the 44th BCS routine. The latter is quite convenient. We always look for the visitors’ convenience. As soon as BPSC publishes 44th BCS written exam routine, we will publish the 44th BCS routine in our websites. 

 ৪৪ বিসিএস রুটিন প্রকাশের সাথে সাথে এখান থেকে ডাউনলোড করতে পারবেন। 

44th BCS Written Exam Kobe Hobe?

According to the previous discussion, we cannot say for sure about the exact 44th BCS written exam date. But we have told you that the present PSC chairman is very much active. He is trying to regularize the delayed process of BCS examination. Therefore, we expect that BPSC will publish in a week or two 44th BCS written exam date. In the meantime, we recommend BCS candidates keep on their study. They should not worry about 44th BCS written exam date. 

44th BCS Written Result

Though this is not a 44th BCS written result post, we are keeping a section for 44th BCS written result. Thus we can reach more people. Obviously we will post about 44th BCS written result. But before that, we just give a section where you can get 44th BCS written result from this post too. Along with this post, we will give a separate post on 44th BCS written result on due time. Keep in touch.

44 BCS Written Schedule PDF

It will not be long enough that PSC will publish 44 BCS written exam date. BPSC will give an advertisement in national dailies about 44 BCS written exam date. If you know elaborately about 44th BCS written exam date, you can read and follow our posts. We gather information from reliable sources. However, there is no recent update regarding 44 BCS written exam schedule. But it is coming soon. Be ready. 

44 BCS Routine 

See 44 BCS routine here in this segment. We have designed this segment for elaboration of 44 BCS routine discussion. What is to there to discuss 44 BCS routine? Obviously there is important issues regarding 44 BCS written exam routine. If you want to devise a strong study plan, you must have a close look at the routine. Immediate study before BCS exam is very much important.  

44 BCS written Exam Outlet

Written exam is a very hard stage. Thus we are giving a speedy outlet here. Please follow this post to get important updates. BCS is a exam which requires a lot of patience from the part of the participants. But remember that BCS is a game where you have to play without stop. Because there is a huge number of participants following you.   

44 BCS Written Exam Question Pattern

44th BCS examinees have to keep a vigilant eye on recent development of organizations and issues in Bangladesh and across the world. It is necessary to know the analytics of world events. We will keep adding materials to this post (44th BCS Written Exam Date, 44th BCS Written Exam Date, 44th BCS Written Exam Date, 44th BCS Written Exam Date, 44th BCS Written Exam). 

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