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RU admission

RU Admission Circular 2020-21 has been brought out by Rajshahi University Administration. Rajshahi University admission circular 2020-21 discloses all the necessary information an applicant wants to know before the admission test. Various national dailies published the admission notice of RU Admission Circular 2020-21. We are going to talk about all pros and cons of RU admission circular 2021. After reading this post, you would know the admission test date, exam fee, admission routine an so on. So keep on reading. 

RU Admission Circular 2020-21     

According to the information, the primary application will begin from 7th of March. After a lot of discussion, the RU administration has come up with this decision. Earlier, the Education Ministry and University Grants Commision requested Rajshahi University to go for a combined admission test. But the Rajshahi University administration did not give their consent. 

Instead, they were thinking about alternative way of taking admission test. Finally RU administration declared that students have to participate the admission test physically. Let us know all about that.

RU Admission Test Circular 2020-21

We all know that due to Corona virus pandemic every education activity was standstill during the last year. Therefore, the Education Ministry granted auto leave for all HSC students. Along with national university, most of the private universities are admitting students without any admission test. But Dhaka Rajshahi and a handful of other universities have decided to give admission test. 

Earlier, Rajshahi University Administration was thinking of online admission test. But due to many barriers, online admission test is not possible. Therefore, RU come up with RU Admission Circular 2020-21 lately. The subject of this post to discuss broadly the RU Admission Circular 2020-21.

RU Admission Circular 2020-21

RU Admission Circular 2020-21

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RU Admission Circular Notice 

The admission notice is published by the second week of February. The RU published press release in different national dailies on RU Admission Circular 2020-21. We will give the press release at the end of this post. Before that, let us discuss in detail the admission circular of RU. Along with the press release, we will give you the evidence of news coverage on RU Admission Circular 2020-21. 

Let us now discuss in detail RU admission circular 2020-21. Just to tell you, you can rely on every bit of information given in this post. Still, if you have any query regarding RU Admission Circular 2020-21, you can ask us freely by commenting or contacting us.

RU Admission Circular 2020-21

RU Admission Test: Primary Application 

According to RU Admission Circular 2020-21, the Primary application will start from 7th of March. It will end on 18th of March. The applicants can apply any day in between the given time. To speak precisely, from 12 am of 7th March, the applicants can submit their primary application. The primary application will end at 12 pm on 18th of March. Admission seekers should apply in the given time. 

ru vorti nirdeshika

সম্পূর্ণ আবেদন নির্দেশিকা ডাউনলোড করুন

Primary application will being on 7th of March (12:00 am) . And primary application will end on 18th of March (12:00 pm).

RU Admission Circular: Final Application

After primary application, the university will publish the eligible students list. Students who would be eligible in the primary selection will have to submit their final application. According  to RU Admission Circular 2020-21, the final application starts from 23rd of March. The final application will end on 31st of March. The schedule is the same as before. The application starts at 12:00 am on 23rd of March. And, the final application will end at 12:00 pm on 31st of March. 

Final Application will start from 23rd of March (12 am) and it will end on 31st of March (12 pm)

RU Admission: Application Fee

The application fee for primary application and final application is different. Moreover, there will be limited number of students who can appear the admission test. However, the primary application fee is 55/- taka (service charge included). And the students who will be selected for final application have to pay 1100 taka (service charge included) for final application. 

Primary application fee: 55 taka (service charge included) and Final application fee 1100 taka ( service charge included).

RU Admission Test: Units and Applicants’ Number

In line with RU Admission Circular 2020-21, the RU admission will be taking place for 3 Units. There will be Unit A, B and C. In each unit, a maximum number of 45,000 candidates can take part in the admission test. Admission test will be held in three shifts. In each shift, 15,000 students will participate in the RU admission test 2020-21. In 3 shifts each day, the total number of 45,000 students will appear in the admission test. 

RU Admission Circular 2020-21

RU Admission Circular 2020-21

RU Admission Circular 2020-21

বিস্তারিত দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

3 Units: A B C . In each Unit, 45,000 students can take part in the admission test. And, Exam will be held in 3 shifts each day.

RU Admission Circular: Routine & Pass Marks

In the RU Admission Circular, the authority does not make clear when the examination will take place. But there is time table of admission test. The first shift will starts from 9:30 am and end at 10:30 am. And the second shift will start from 12 pm- 1 pm. The third shift will begin at 3:00 pm and end at 4:00 pm. 

As for exam, the students have to give answer to 100 marks MCQ test. There will be no written test this year. The Minimum pass number is 40. The candidates will lose 1 mark for each 5 wrong answers. 

ru admission routine 2021

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RU Admission 2020-21 

We are giving here the press release in the following. Moreover, we are giving here the news coverage in terms of RU Admission Circular. See below for all the details.

RU Admission Circular 2020-21

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