Class 6 English Answer 2nd Week 2021 Assignment ৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি ২য় সপ্তাহ

class 6 english 2nd week 2021

Class 6 English Answer 2nd Week assignment 2021 is given in this this post. When we write Class 6 English Answer 2nd Week, we write it in standard English. Moreover, we have a very good knowledge of coherence and cohesion. Therefore, we are expert at writing essays and articles. However, in the 2nd week assignment syllabus class 6 students have questions from writing part. Like class 6 English assignment 2nd week. class 7 8 9 English assignment questions are also from writing part.

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Class 6 English Answer 2nd Week

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Class 6 English Syllabus 2nd Week

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Class 6 English Assignment Questions 2021   

Before going to give you Class 6 English Answer 2nd Week, let us see class 6 English assignment 2nd week assignment questions. The authority has selected a chapter from class 6 NCTB text book. The title of the chapter is Going to a new school from Lesson 1. Class 6 English assignment goes as follows:

Think of your first day at school. What experience did you have then? How did you feel: happy, frightened, thrilled or shy? Why did you feel so?  

Class 6 English Answer 2nd Week

Class 6 English Answer 2021

So, we have shown you class 6 English question. Now in this section, we are going to give you class 6 English assignment answer 2021. It is such an easy question to give answer. We are going to give you answer as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can collect class 6 1st week assignment answer. We will add answer on Saturday. Surely, you will get class 6 English assignment answer from our website. See and download class 6 English answer 2n week 2021 from below.


Going to a new school

I can remember clearly my first day at a new school. I was then 9 years old. I was reading in class three. My family shifted to another town. Therefore, I needed to admit to a new school. I was feeling sad because I had to leave my old school. At the same time, I was feeling excited at joining a new school. I thought about how my new classmates would be at my new school. However, in a beautiful sunny morning my father took me to a new school. We went on foot because my new school was not far from my new residence. My father took me to headmaster’s chamber. Some other teachers were present there as well. The teachers asked me some questions about my previous school. Then, they had completed the admission process. One teacher took me to my class and introduced me to my classmates. They were very much friendly. I enjoyed their company at the very first day in my school. There were a large playground in front of the school. Moreover, there were a lot of trees at my school area. This large school field and pleasant atmosphere attracted me so much. A some while, my father and I came back home. I felt happy because I got a new group of friends. Moreover, my old school memory could not get scope to trouble me. I was planning for the next day at my school at night.

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English Speaking & Writing Tips 

At the end of class 9 2nd week English assignment post, we have given you some crucial tips for learning English language. As high school students, you may not clear idea about how to acquire a language. Therefore, read the end of the following post to know some methodologies to learn English effectively.

Learn English and Write good assignment 

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